Shadow & Light Large Wall Hanging.


Handmade one off piece with crystals; selenite, lava stone & black onyx.


The white and black colours are specifically chosen to represent the lightness and darkness that exists within all of us.

The circle is the elemental symbol of spirit assosiated with unlimited potential & represents the wholeness when we embrace all of our selves; both the shadow & light aspects.


The triangle in the centre is the elemental symbol for fire, associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness & passion. 


The specially chosen crystals:

Selenite represents spiritual purity, light & helps clear negativity within the space, it is also said to help calm nightmares.

Lava Stone is a grounding stone born from a firey volacanic eruption. It's associated with a strong connection to mother earth & the root chakra, it can help with stability & ease feelings of anxiety.

Black onyx  Absorbs & transforms negative energy. Known to aid in relieving stress, promotes strength, encourages wisdom & creates a sense of security. 


*please note, this is not a toy, to be used for decoration purposes only. Contains small parts.

Shadow & Light Large Wall Hanging