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My Story

My work in children's hospitals, kids yoga, emotional clearing & my own transformational journey helped create the world of Little Zen Monsters.

My passion for children's health & wellbeing is something very close to my heart. Working closely with children in hospitals really brought my attention to how positivity entwined with fun can really make a huge difference in the ability for overall health within the body, mind and spirit.


It is my dream for everyone to see their awesomeness, their own inner strength, power & love; in essence their truth.


Through my own healing journey & helping other adults with this mission I thought, 'What if we could help children at such a young age tune in with themselves? Connect with their soul journey, others & the universe & to keep their light shining bright in a world where it can so easily get dim & distorted... now wouldn't that be a nice dream to turn into a reality! 

So I wrote, & that day I came up with my first meditation style book for children 'Marshmallow Clouds'.


I've since been writing & creating with the intention to infuse the works with love, & for each person to know their own strength, power, love, creativeness & uniqueness :)