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Audio Meditation Stories

All Little Zen Monster meditations are done in verse to keep meditation fun, simple and easy to follow!

Perfect for group meditation/story time, before bed, little zen monster travels, or for some great quality quiet time.
They are specifically made to be used either as a nice 'story' or a guided meditation. They are all deliberately under 10minutes long so your child and you can greatly benefit from the positive messages, be encouraged to shine their individual light, & be their unique selves without having to set aside a long allocated time.

Just listen, enjoy, & reap the benefits instantly :)

Download now for a small fee. Or most of these meditations are also available to listen to on the worldwide app Insight Timer for free.
I believe everyone should have access to meditation for themselves and their families for overall health and wellbeing for their body, mind and 

If you choose to show your support in other ways, you can donate any amount to help keep these meditations being distributed world wide :)  

We truly appreciate you!

thank you for being here.