If you're after mindfulness and meditation stuff for kids... you've come to the right site!

Little Zen Monsters is a site passionate about bringing the fun, love & awesomeness to kids health & well-being all across the globe... & it doesn't have to be boring (gasp!)


All Little Zen Monsters meditations are done in verse to keep meditation fun, simple & easy to follow. But be warned! They have also been known to put many kids (big & small) asleep with their beautiful relaxing background music & lulling voice :)

As a special gift there are also 2 free audio meditations accessible to you at any time, under the shop collections button, so you and your Little Zen Monster can enjoy & reap the benefits instantly  :) 


We only stock books with positive empowering messages that will inspire your child to play & be their awesome selves! 

You'll find we are dedicated to helping kids embrace their own unique qualities, shine their beautiful individual light & feel into their whole-ness as a little person in this world.

After all there is a little bit of zen & a little bit of wild inside each & every one of us, and that is an extremely beautiful thing to accept, acknowledge and love.

Much love and health to all



Meditations & Books

'Sometimes you should listen with your heart and not your head, you'll find at times it's good to do that instead'

From 'Sometimes This and Sometimes That'.

Coming Soon.

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